BLTC Committee Members

Yvonne Burrage, Jenny Cox, Richard Fenton, Jalpa Lai, Pam Lansdell, Matt McCombe, James Morris,

James Nash, Louise Tierney, Jane Timmis, Elizabeth Williams


Membership Secretary – Jane Read





Social Tennis & Events Sub-Committee

Elizabeth Williams, Pam Lansdell, James Morris, Martin Read


Strategy and Planning Sub-Committee

Jane Timmis, Jalpa Lai, Yvonne Burrage,

Elizabeth Williams


BLTC Staff Liason Sub-Committee

Louise Tierney, Pam Lansdell, Elizabeth Williams

Tennis Sub-Committee

Matt McCombe, James Morris, Jenny Cox, Lou Tierney, Sue Willoughby, Barbara Awbery


House and Grounds Sub-Committee

Richard Fenton, James Nash, Pam Lansdell, Yvonne Burrage, James Morris


Finance Sub-Committee

James Nash, Bruce Shaw, Helen Ingram


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