BLTC introduced a new Player Grading System in October 2012.

There are five playing levels, each denoted by a colour (please see below for colour level chart, this is also displayed on the club noticeboard):

Yellow– people new to tennis or returning after a long break

Green– players that may attend the Sunday mix-in and are working towards the standard required for the Saturday mix-in.

Purple– developing players with a little more experience than Green level that may attend the Sunday mix-in and are also  working towards the standard required for the Saturday mix-in.

Blue– experienced players who regularly attend club mix-ins and may be playing for lower level teams (Woking League B teams and below).

Orange– very consistent players capable of sustaining a faster-paced game who may be playing for higher level teams (Woking League A teams and above).

New members will be graded by a coach during their induction.  Participation for existing members is voluntary.  However, grading will be required to participate in clinics, certain competitive events and box leagues that are organised by the tennis committee, as these will be structured around the levels in the Player Grading System.  Members will initially self-grade using the information on the Tennis & Social notice board or in the documents below:

Summary of Playing Levels

New members will be advised of their colour playing level, following their induction with the club coach.

This system will run in parallel with the existing Intermediate and Full classes of membership and eligibility for mix-ins will be determined by membership class, not colour level.

The new system is aligned with the club strategy to encourage members to achieve their playing potential by providing opportunities for coaching and group clinics at all levels and:

  • Introduces a structured framework for the club tennis programme
  • Defines the playing standard required for each level
  • Provides professional assessment of playing level
  • Ensures that sessions and tournaments can be arranged for players of similar ability

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