The 14 February deadline for opting in to the 2020 Wimbledon ballot is fast approaching.

If you have not already opted in to the 2020 ballot, please do so now. Note that you need to opt in each year.

If you are not already an LTA member, as Byfleet LTC Limited is an LTA Registered Venue, members of the club are entitled to a free British Tennis Lite membership that enables you to affiliate yourself to Byfleet LTC Limited and opt into the Byfleet LTC Wimbledon ticket ballot if you are eligible.

Go to to login or join.

All categories of Adult members aged 18+ and Junior members aged 11-17 are entitled to opt into the Wimbledon 2020 ballot.

The number of tickets allocated to the Club is determined by the number of members who have affiliated themselves to the club and opted into the ballot by 14 February 2020.

Approx. 650 members were eligible for a British Tennis membership. As of last week, LTA data showed 455 members had such a membership and were affiliated to the Club, of which 420 were eligible to opt into the ballot but only 200 had actually done so.

Alan Genzel 2020 Wimbledon Ballot Administrator



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